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We all have different ways of coping with our mental health and wellbeing that are unique to us. The Listening Line collects contributed methods of coping, building an archive of tips, ideas and resources that can be used by others. These methods might be able to help you too.


Sometimes all we need to do is talk. It might be to a friend, a stranger, a pet, it might just be to ourselves. Taking a minute to say feelings aloud can he


Turn on the kettle and make yourself a hot cup of tea. Take time to just sit with the warm mug in your hands, breath in the steam and relax. Just focus on resting your body, and slowly drinking the hot liquid. Imagine it is just you and the tea, nothing else. No outside concerns, or worries. Find 5 minutes just for you.


Breathe in slowly, hold it, and then release. Breathing is a calming way of grounding ourselves and returning to the present. 


Turn on the shower so it is hot and steamy. Stand under it and just let your body and mind relax. Allow yourself to rest. Close your eyes and let the water flow over your face, breathe in the steam, then exhale. This space and time is just for you.


Take yourself outside, it might be for 5minutes, it might be all day. Being outside with fresh air, different surroundings and gently using our bodies can help us relax.


I have to bake, it distracts my mind, and keeps my hands busy. I turn to the next page in the recipe book and follow the instructions. The precision in the methods and rules give me structure.


We hold tension in our bodies. Sometimes simply shaking each limb in our body can help to release this tension and help us feel more relaxed, sometimes energised as a result.


Get a copy of Holst, The Planets. Play it as loud as you can so you are surrounded by music. Close your eyes and let every bit of your body feel it. The loud music quietens the other voices and sounds.

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